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National Convention

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If you need help getting to the National Convention, you can apply for assistance to attend convention.

Kentucky State Convention

The purpose of the annual NFB of Kentucky Convention is to solidify the democratic direction of how the state affiliate will expend assets (time, money, effort) to improve the lives of blind individuals in Kentucky and in the US. The Kentucky convention is a state-sponsored extension of the national convention (information available at NFB.ORG). The state conventions drive the mood of the national convention. In the past, state democratic resolutions and elections directed the NFB as a national organization to invest in such areas as equal pay, discrimination, benefits, etc. See the 2018 National Convention Resolutions.

Our content at the state-level convention includes updates on previous convention years' resolutions, meetings of the various divisions as it is likely the only time in a year that all participating individuals from across the state can meet face to face, election of either the state officers or the state board (these elections alternate every other year for continuity according to the state constitution posted on the website), and speeches from officials from all facets of organizations and government that affect the daily activity of blind individuals. We will hear from our national representative who is sent by our national president. In order to keep the organization functioning, we also fund raise. We host a pledge drive for the affiliate during the Saturday night banquet to support the monetary expenses of mandates by the NFB convention members.

You can listen to the Convention Streaming on Spreaker, or by looking for NFBK & NFBGL Events on iTunes or iHeart.

The age of the National Federation of the Blind is 78 years, 8 months, and 6 days.
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